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The ANA values the participation of our corporate partners and is supportive of the role that members of this community continue to play in our efforts to provide neurologists & neuroscientists with quality educational programs. These symposia are not part of the ANA official educational program and the sessions and content are not endorsed by ANA.


Wednesday, October 7, 2020
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT

Title: Create COVID-19 Litigation Safe Harbor: What Doctors Need to Know about COVID Tax Relief and Law


Legally Mine is an asset protection and tax strategy group. The mission of Legally Mine is to empower members of the healthcare community with the knowledge and tools to protect their assets from lawsuits, build professional license safeguards into their legal structures and legitimately reduce their tax liability.  

Medical professionals have unfortunately become all too easy targets for MANY trial attorneys! Learning how to use legal entities is vital to protect everything they have worked hard to achieve.  Setting up C-Corps, S-Corps, and LLC’s is only part of the answer to this rapidly growing issue. This course will also instruct attendees on how to protect one of their most important assets, their medical license. Even if they aren't sued for a larger amount than what their malpractice insurance covers, all medical professionals will encounter being investigated and possibly sanctioned for issues UNRELATED to the reported lawsuit.  Utilizing these legal tools, in many cases, can decrease malpractice insurance costs and drastically reduce their income taxes--all while keeping their name and license from being reported to the NPDB.  

Educational Objectives:
-Maintain the focus on improved patient care rather than malpractice defense.
-Improve overall professional success by structuring assets for lawsuit protection and prevention.
-Applying risk management techniques that improve and enhance fiscal efficiency.
-Acquire an understanding of basic medical legal tools that are available to help decrease unnecessary loss of revenue.

Let us teach you how to bridge the gap between healthcare and the law!


Steve Comer

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