Rules and Regulations

Use of ANA Name, Logos and/or Acronyms

The name, logo and acronym of the American Neurological Association are proprietary marks. Use of the names in any fashion, by any entity, for any purpose, is expressly prohibited without the written permission of the ANA.

Use of ANA Scientific Program Content

Information presented during ANA2020 is the property of the ANA and the presenter. Information may not be recorded, photographed, copied, photocopied, transferred to electronic format, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of ANA and the presenter. Any use of the program content which includes, but is not limited to, oral presentations, audiovisual materials used by speakers and program handouts without the written consent of ANA is prohibited.


Violation of any of these rules, regulations and guidelines on the part of any supporters or participating company, their employees or agents, shall cancel the right to occupy space and will forfeit to ANA all money that may have been paid. Upon evidence of violation, management may enter and take possession of the space occupied by the company and may remove all persons and goods at the expense of the company. The company shall pay all expenses and damages that ANA may incur thereby. In the event of a violation, ANA reserves the right to refuse support and advertising participation privileges for the following year. Companies participating in ANA2020 are responsible for communicating the rules, regulations and guidelines of ANA to their agents, employees, contractors and anyone connected with or authorized by the participating company.

Inappropriate Behavior Policy

The American Neurological Association (ANA) encourages open and honest intellectual interactions and debate as part of a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at all ANA associated meetings and conferences. To help maintain an open and respectful community of physicians and scientists, the ANA does not tolerate illegal or inappropriate behavior at any in-person or virtual meeting, including violations of applicable laws pertaining to sale or consumption of alcohol, description of property, or harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment. The ANA condemns inappropriate or suggestive acts or comments that demean another person by reason of his or her gender, gender identity or expression, race, religion, ethnicity, age, or disability or that are unwelcome or offensive to other members of the community or their guests. The ANA reviews allegations of any such behavior on a case by case basis, and violations may result in revocation of ANA membership and/or the prohibition on future attendance of an ANA meeting or conference by a particular individual. To read the full policy click here.

Recording, Reproduction, and Distribution of Content

ANA will be recording in audio and/or video format the virtual sessions and events taking place during the Annual Meeting. ANA may elect to distribute the recordings and associated materials either individually or as part of a compilation. By attending, an attendee’s image and/or voice in photographs, video recordings, electronic reproductions, audio recordings, and other media throughout the world may be used and you acknowledge these activities and consent to such recording, capture, and distribution by ANA,  royalty-free. To read the full policy click here