Supriya Ramesha, MD

Emory University, West Virginia University

Supriya Ramesha is currently a first year Neurology resident at West Virginia University. Following her medical education in India, Supriya moved to the US to pursue her interests in clinical and academic Neurology. She worked as a postdoctoral research fellow under Dr. Srikant Rangaraju at the Center for Neurodegeneration, Emory University. Her research interests include studying the role of microglia and the effects of microglial modulation in neurodegeneration, specifically that of Alzheimer’s disease. Supriya’s major focus lies in understanding the molecular and phenotypical characterization of microglial Kv1.3 channels in human, and mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease using flow cytometric methods. She is keen on incorporating her research interests into her residency curriculum to build her career as an academic physician in Neurology.