Jennifer Orthmann-Murphy, MD, PhD (Speaker/Chair)

University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Orthmann-Murphy is an assistant professor in Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania. She completed an MD-PhD program at Penn, and a neuroscience PhD with Steven Scherer, studying astrocyte and oligodendrocyte gap junctions. After finishing her neurology residency at Penn, she pursued a combined postdoctoral and clinical neuroimmunology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, developing an in vivo remyelination platform with mentors Dwight Bergles, PhD,  and Peter Calabresi, MD. 

She recently started her lab at Penn to study the role of glial cells in acquired and inherited myelin disorders. She also sees patients with multiple sclerosis, and leads an ‘Undiagnosed White Matter Disorders’ neurogenetics clinic. She is co-director of the Age Span Fellowship in Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroinflammatory disorders. 

Dr. Orthmann-Murphy was chair of the ANA Junior Membership Task Force which has become the Junior Membership committee. She is now a member of the 2020-2021 ANA Scientific Program Advisory Committee.