Eric Anderson, MD, PhD

SOC Telemed; Corticare; Intensive Neuro

Dr. Eric Anderson is an innovative physician-scientist that has been recognized as a national leader in telemedicine and mobile health. He trailblazed the use of mobile telemedicine in emergency neurology and was the first to demonstrate and publish that remote stroke assessment could be performed with an iPhone. Dr. Anderson has a driving passion to create and leverage technology to improve outcomes across the care continuum. He speaks nationally on the topics of telemedicine, mobile health, and medical economics. He currently practices telemedicine in 32 states and over 240 hospitals and is the Medical Director for Corticare, a national neurotelemetry company based in Carlsbad CA, and serves as the Department of Neurology Chair, having previously held the role of Vice Chair of Quality, as well as the Subject Matter Expert on tele-EEG for SOC Telemed, the largest teleneurology company in the world based in Reston, VA. He also devotes his time to operating Intensive Neuromonitoring, a teleEEG company in Florida that specifically caters to private practices and small hospitals in the southeastern region. Dr. Anderson leads several efforts in bringing telemedicine and technology to the forefront of medicine by serving on the Medical Economics and Practice Committee, and Conference Subcommittee, including being the past Chairperson of the Telemedicine Workgroup, past Vice Chair of the Practice Committee, as well as past member of the Practice Management and Technology Subcommittee, and the Meeting management committee for the American Academy of Neurology. His academic work has been published in high impact medical journals and authoritative texts in neuroelectrophysiology, neuroviriology, neuropathology, proteomics, telemedicine, and mobile health.