Aldo Faisal, PhD

Imperial College London

Dr Aldo Faisal (@FaisalLab) is Professor in Neurotechnology at the Dept. of Bioengineering and the Dept. of Computing at Imperial College London. Since 2019 Aldo is the founding director of the £20Mio UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in AI for Healthcare, and leads the Behaviour Analytics Lab at the Data Science Institute (London). Aldo works at the interface of Machine Learning, Neuroscience and translational Engineering to help people with nervous system disease and injury. He currently is one of the few engineers world-wide that lead their own clinical trials to validate their technology, In this space his works focuses on Human Augmentation, Behavioural Digital Biomarkers and AI for medical intervention (Makin et al,Nat Biomed Eng; Komorowski et al, NatMed, 2018; Gottessmann et al NatMed, 2019).