Adeeb Narangoli, Medical Student

Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar

Adeeb Narangoli is an Indian citizen who was born and received his high school education in Kuwait at the British School of Kuwait. Upon graduating, he then enrolled for the 6-year medical program at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar. He is currently in the 5th year of the program (3rd year of medical school). Neurology has always been his passion since even before enrolling in medical school and this is what led him to begin conducting research since his first pre-medical year. He has been working under the mentorship of Dr. Rayaz A. Malik, a pioneering British physician scientist researcher, for the past 3 years. Most recently, he underwent a summer research project at Weill Cornell Medicine – NYP, New York, under Dr. Esteban Fridman’s mentorship in the Dr. Nicolas Schiff’s lab.