Twitter and Social Media: A Role for Neurology and Neuroscience Engagement

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM
Track: Interactive Workshop
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Social media platforms like Twitter allow physicians and scientists to rapidly communicate and share information with millions of people. This workshop will explore in what capacity using Twitter can help physicians and scientists to improve care by creating a communicative and collaborative atmosphere with patients, physicians, scientists and researchers. Workshop discussants will also share best practices for increasing engagement with followers, such as the use of visual abstracts to disseminate their research findings. However, those who participate in social networking must not only be aware of best practices for social media engagement but also potential professional pitfalls and how to honor the patient-doctor relationship even when using these sites. Ultimately, this workshop will allow neurologists and researchers to determine, and make an informed decision about, how best to engage with Twitter and other social media platforms.


  • Explore the ways in which Twitter can be used as a tool for research dissemination and professional advancement.

  • Understand benefits of, and best practices for, creating a visual abstract as a tool for effective science communication.

  • Describe how professional ethical standards can be maintained while actively engaging with social media.


Effective Use of Twitter for Academic Scientists

Evolving Visual Abstract: Equity in Imagery and Going Live

eProfessionalism: Ethical and Responsible Use of Social Media