Teleneurology in Academic Practice - Current State and Future Directions

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Track: Interactive Workshop
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The session will be interactive case based discussion of the current state of teleneurology in an academic setting. The session will lay out the foundation of how to set up teleneurology practice in a academic setting, pros-cons of setting up teleneurology, and provide an evidence based overview of how telenurology can be used in the current setting for different neurological sub-specialties. The session will be filled with case studies from authors practice including a overview of tele multiple sclerosis practice in a large academic setting.


  • To identify the gaps and opportunities in the practice of teleneurology in an academic setting.

  • To recognize appropriateness and feasibility of teleneurology for different sub specialties of neurology.

  • To apply the pearls and pitfalls teleneurology practice in their home academic setting.


Future of Teleneurology in Academics

Incorporation of Telestroke in the Residency Learning Environment

Time: 3:13 PM – 3:13 PM

Teleneurology in Academics: The Nuts and Bolts

Time: 3:13 PM – 3:13 PM