ANA-AHS Headache*

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Track: Special Interest Group
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The Headache special interest group session, co-hosted by the American Neurological Association and the American Headache Society, will provide the latest information on migraine pathophysiology, newly available migraine therapies, and future migraine treatment targets.


  • Attendees will be better able to discuss pathophysiology of migraine.

  • Attendees will be better able to discuss currently available migraine treatments.

  • Attendees will be better able to discuss emerging migraine therapeutic targets.


# Headache: When a Common Problem Becomes a Neurological Emergency in Acute Stroke Patients

Depression and Migraine - A Double Whammy on Patient-Reported Health

Migraine Pathophysiology: Focus on Neurovascular Activity and the Sleep-Wake State

Migraine Treatment: An Update

New Migraine Therapeutic Targets: The Potential of ASICs and TRP Channels

Self-Reported Ace Exposure in Adolescents Increases Odds of Frequent Headache: A Cross-Sectional Analysis